Fire Extinguisher Training

Do Your Employees Know What To Do In A Fire Emergency?

When was the last time your employees had fire extinguisher training? Could they handle a small fire emergency? At FireGuard we provide hands on fire extinguisher training.


We start with classroom techniques:

  • Fire Classifications
  • Fire Extinguisher Types
  • How to use a Portable Fire Extinguisher
  • Training on the P.A.S.S. Method


Next, we have live hands-on training where each employee gets to use a portable fire extinguisher. Each Training course has a max capacity of 30 people. This allows us to thoroughly train each individual. We provide Live Fire Training and the Bullex Simulator. These programs will meet your OSHA requirements.


Call 402-592-1999 to schedule your Fire Extinguisher Training today!


Building Reports Technology

FireGuard’s digital reporting and bar code technology provides accurate and comprehensive inspections that are fully documented in compliance with regulatory standards.

  • Digital Reporting
  • Bar Code Tracking for Your Fire Protection Equipment
  • Comprehensive Inspections Fully Documented
  • Your Reports Available Online 24/7